I had a wonderful time cruising your spectacular website. Your clients rightfully applaud your understanding of light, but what really grabs me is your solid command of composition. Some of those frames are pure genius. I especially love that one of the restaurant / lounge where you’re stationed on the mezzanine overlooking a dining room below as well as the stunning light fixture hanging from the ceiling above. Magic!

Louis de Araujo

Interior Design Consultant

Robert Stefanowicz has been a pleasure to work with on the two projects we designed in Vancouver B.C., Canada. His sense of composition and design captured the various moods of the interiors. Robert was excellent in highlighting the details of the key components of the design areas, as close-up images and/or part of the featured elevation.  We were especially pleased with his skill in working with the different lighting conditions/levels within the restaurant spaces. The final images were extremely well done.  He made the process (adjustments of colours and lighting) seem effortless.

Hank Lo

Principal, C.L.O. Design Seattle

We recently commissioned Robert to photograph three of our local projects.  From start to finish the process was most enjoyable and the final product was exceptional.  Robert’s attention to the fine details, lighting and composition produced a collection of photographs we are proud to have included in our portfolio.

Scott Andrews

Senior Project Manager, SmartDesign Group

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating on numerous projects with Rob for over 10 years. I can tell you that Rob is a determined, technically skilled, detail oriented, perfectionist kind of guy that always delivers. If incredible results are not necessary, you need not bother. But if you’re looking for an experienced, imaginative and creative photographer that handles lighting in an amazing and exceptional way, I wholeheartedly recommend Rob. Did I mention that his knowledge and skills in post-production are nothing short of astounding?

Yvon Lantaigne

Studio Madillo Creative Services Inc.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob on a number of our key projects over the past few years. He approaches every  photo shoot with an intricate eye for detail, a desire to get only the best shots and a keen sense of composition. Rob’s unique and creative use of light adds an element of animation to the final image and brings each shot to life. The fact that he’s fun and easy  to work with is a bonus.

Dale Buote

Managing Associate, False Creek Design Group Ltd.

Robert’s first and only concern when working for you is to make you shine while producing the very best display of your work. Robert’s space and light understanding coupled with great listening skill produce outstanding pictures. His interpretation of our needs has always been right. Restaurants, office, retail space, whatever Robert has been shooting for us, the end product was always breathtaking.

Philippe Salavy

Acorn Wood Designs Ltd Precision Architectural Millwork

We began working with Robert  years ago and have been thrilled will the results ever since. He has an intuitive understanding of what’s required to produce great magazine quality architectural and interior photos. When working with Robert we always get the right results.

Judy Henderson

Principal, Inside Design Studio Inc.

We have worked with Robert on several high-end real estate projects over the last 3 years.  He has beautifully photographed interior vignettes, building exteriors and props that have been used in brochures, websites and advertising. Robert is a true craftsman with integrity, talent and creativity and is always a pleasure to work with.

Norbert Jakubke

Idea Catalyst, theideapartner marketing inc.

Details, details, details. Robert is a very detail oriented individual. Not only is this evident in his photography style, but also in the manner in which he conducts his business. He asks the right questions, and always understands our needs long before he takes the first photo.

Gil Binne

Principal & Creative Director, Red Rocket Creative Strategies

I take great pleasure in complimenting you on your very professional photographic rendering of my custom house project in South Surrey for me and my client last year. You captured the essence and the intent of the design particularly the interiors. The exterior dusk shots were also exactly what I wanted to illustrate the transparency of the design and lightness of structure.

Paul Rust

Paul Rust Architect Inc.

Robert Stefanowicz is undoubtedly one of the most gifted photographers in the Pacific Northwest. From his classical “Old World” photographic training in his native Poland, he is very adept at manipulating light and colour to his (and his client’s) advantage. With his extensive prepress experience, Robert combines two disciplines to solve problems and give birth to stunning images! We are happy to both use and recommend him whenever we get the opportunity to do so.

Ernst Vegt

Coast Imaging Arts, Inc.

We appreciate Rob’s high energy and devotion to every job.  His keen interest and attention to detail means he’s always adding that “extra” touch to a finished shot, which makes the space truly come alive. Rob’s commitment to perfection was revealed in many of our projects.  Winning Northwest Design Award from the Seattle Design Center is partly owed to Rob’s dedication and persistence on the finished shots.

Doris Hager

KMBR Architects Planners Inc.

KMBR Architects Planners Inc has used Mr. Stefanowicz to provide architectural photography services for several of our projects. We appreciate Robert’s attention to detail, and his willingness to go the extra mile to await just the right lighting conditions for that perfect shot. Beyond the artistic side, Mr. Stefanowicz has excellent technical skills, and the quality of the final images is second to none. We would have no hesitations to recommend Mr. Stefanowicz to anyone requiring architectural photographic services.

Witmar Abele


I have worked with Robert on several projects and am always amazed with not only his technical skill, but also his insight in capturing the essence of the place. His talents extend from the initial site visit to the post production work where he produces magic in the final image.

Robert Lange

DGBK Architects

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert on many occasions over the years and watched him develop from a young, serious and eager photographer, to a seriously talented professional. Rob’s work is always extremely thoughtful, including the attention to the most minute details. His vast experience in capturing the essence of a remote beach in the tropics, to the intimacy of a table setting in a 5-Star restaurant, gives him the ability to tackle any project successfully. His passion and enthusiasm is what guarantees that success.

Doug Fleming

Fleming Creative Group

Robert has shot architectural projects for Award magazine, including, most recently, the October 2014 . The quality of detail and lighting that Robert is able to achieve is consistently extraordinary, and the work is always on time and in keeping with the magazine’s budget. His eye for composition is top-notch, and his inside knowledge of the architectural and interior design industry makes my job easier! I highly recommend Robert’s expertise for anyone looking for a professional photographer.

Laurel MacLean

Art Director, Award magazine

IMFS was introduced to Robert’s superior photography several years ago. His professionalism and eye for detail always makes it a pleasure to work with him.  His photographs have been a great addition to our website and marketing materials. Robert’s talent is evident to all who view his final product; I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a first class photographer.

Mathias Tobias

Senior Project Manager, International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

I have worked with Robert numerous times and would not hesitate to work with him again. He is able to draw upon his deep understanding of natural and artificial light to produce extremely compelling photographs.

Taizo Yamamoto

Yamanoto Architecture Inc.