Over the past 20 years, Stefanowicz has mastered a dynamic visual aesthetic that reveals the beauty, structure and details of buildings and interior spaces.

Robert Stefanowicz majored in Architectural and Interior Photography at the College of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland. Robert is known for his careful attention to light and composition, ensuring that every photograph is skillfully styled and accurately measured to show the full value of his client’s projects. His work is used for websites, print ads, annual reports, publicity brochures and for corporate, hospitality and personal branding campaigns for clients in Calgary, Toronto and Seattle. Many of Robert’s photographs have been used in various magazine features and other print media.

It’s all about the light

For every photograph, I begin by critically assessing the best vantage point, the best composition and the best light. Each photograph is carefully assessed in post-production so that the final image is precisely-measured and captures the full value of my client’s vision. My goal is always to make photographs that hold a viewer’s attention for that extra extended moment so that they have the opportunity to notice the quality of these spaces and all of the carefully presented details. I think I’ve mastered every trick for how to make a photograph stand out from the pack. But I love every new challenge.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many accomplished architects and interior designers and have shot an incredible range of smartly-designed architectural, hospitality, residential and commercial projects. I know that taking a great interior or architectural photograph is a learned skill but it is also my passion and dedication.

Robert Stefanowicz

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